Inclusive Swimming for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children online course

A self-paced online course to help swim instructors make their classes more inclusive and accessible

Learning to swim is an important and exciting milestone for all Aussie kids. Deaf and hard of hearing children are no different and they deserve enriching and enjoyable swimming lessons just like every other kid. However, communication and accessibility challenges can be frustrating and discouraging for both students and their swim instructors.

That’s why Signpedia, in conjunction with Parents of Deaf Children, have developed Inclusive Swimming for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children, a self-paced online training course designed to equip swimming instructors with the knowledge, skills and strategies needed to create inclusive and accessible classes for all their students.

Led by authentic deaf and hard of hearing swimming legends, Hannah Britton (Deaflympian) and Michael Anderson (Paralympian), this training course is packed with valuable information, practical strategies, downloadable resources and instructional videos which swimming instructors can implement in their classes to create safe and enriching experiences for their deaf and hard of hearing students. 

The course is available free of charge to swim teachers, families, and other members of the community, with an Auslan translated version available for Auslan users. 

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Target audience: Early career and advanced-level swimming instructors.
This course may also benefit other learners including: coaches of a variety of different aquatic sports, swim competition organisers, swim administrators, parents of deaf and hard of hearing children, and others

Cost: Free

Format: self-paced, online

Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Learning objectives:

  • Describe and differentiate between different levels of deafness, communication approaches, hearing technology, and medical and social models of deafness
  • Identify and define the challenges and barriers deaf and hard of hearing children face when learning to swim in a mainstream swimming class
  • Assess the aquatic environment and make changes to create accessible spaces
  • Plan and prepare for conducting lessons with deaf and hard of hearing swimmers
  • Use strategies that promote effective communication with deaf and hard of hearing children, positive peer interactions and group participation, and optimal use of Auslan interpreters
  • Plan and implement strategies to make swim competitions inclusive and accessible to deaf and hard of hearing swimmers
  • Use Auslan to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing children about swimming-related themes
  • Reflect on own teaching style and strategies as they relate to deaf and hard of hearing swimmers

Note: If you require a certificate of completion, please take a screen shot of your quiz result (80% passing score required) and email this to along with your full name and completion date. 

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This course was made possible thanks to the collaboration and phenomenal contribution of the following organisations:

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