Information is important to families - accurate and reliable information allows parents to make informed choices and take an active role in raising their deaf children. We are committed to assisting all families find the information they need.

Where You Can Start...

Making an informed choice about services, communication modes and devices for your child

In this world of person centred funding, like the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), families increasingly need to make informed decisions about a wide range of areas for their child. How do parents know what is best and what will work for their child now and in the future? PODC can assist with fact sheets and resources on a variety of topics and we encourage parents to learn more about decision making. A good starting point is the link below:

More resources are available here:

  1. Choices - published by Hearing Australia - available to all families with a deaf child.
  2. Our newsletter Sound News is online and full of information which is important to families.
  3. Fact Sheets on parenting and educating a child with hearing loss.
    • Teacher's Tips for getting your Child "School Ready"
    • Information to collect when you visit a school
    • Do you know about the Carer Allowance?
    • A Guide to Preparing your Child for School
    • A guide for advocating for your child
    • Disability standards for education Itinerant Hearing Support
    • Promoting positive sibling relationships
  4. Visit our Links page - there are a number of good sites listed for families.
  5. Contact our office and we can assist you to access the information you require.

We welcome any suggestions as to how PODC can improve access to clear and balanced information for all families. Email us with your suggestions!

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